Get to Know You…

Last night at our team meeting we were asked several questions about ourselves to try and help one another get some new insights into our lives.

I’ll share with you what I said and maybe a few of you will reply…

* When confronted with conflict are you a snake or armadillo?

I think people might see me as a ‘snake’ because I will confront, but I hate conflict as much as anyone.

* Describe the last time you laughed until you cried…

For me it was either watching the fart scene from Nutty Professor or watching Jackass. I don’t think I have laughed that hard in a while

* What would your partner say is your worst habit?

Speeding… 🙂 Eating crap food

* Describe your biggest frustration with yourself

Right now its simply that I can’t shake a few pounds like I used to be able to. When I run my body falls apart, and I still eat too much. I lack discipline in this area of life and it kills me.

* What do you think is your best quality and why?

I reckon it’d be something akin to ‘self belief’, that strange optimism that makes me really believe that anything I have a go at I will succeed at. I’d say its my best quality because when you’re an optimist its hard to have a lousy time, because things are always about to get better!

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