Get Your Gear Off!

One of today’s sermon illustrations…

“Let me ask – in the last week how many of you seriously pondered whether you would head off a nudist colony this weekend?

Hmmm… not many!

But” If that nudist colony had better volleyball courts, a bigger swimming pool, better food and great coffee would you then go?

Still not convinced hey?!

Makes sense – because you wouldn’t belong there – you would feel dreadfully uncomfortable there – it isn’t your thing – the values and practices of the nudists would make you feel like a fish out of water. And everything being offered there you can get somewhere else without feeling uncomfortable.

Perhaps that is some of what it is like for people outside the church?…

I mean I have never even considered going to a nudist colony – do we really think our churches ever go thru the heads of people who are not Christians?…”

(BTW – what is it with nudists and volleyball? Seems like one sport I wouldn’t want to play naked!)

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