This weekend I am off to join a group of 30 ‘older’ young singles as they go on a camp/retreat. The weekend is the dream of Kath & Sarah who have managed to pull it together and captured the imagination of young adults from all around the city.

In most of our churches those who are 25+ and not married can often find it difficult to make good connections and may even struggle with some loneliness. When most people are pairing off and having kids, to be ‘a single’ can be difficult.

My role is to be the person who provides some input on the ‘spiritual’ side of things, which for me is going to translate to doing some spiritual formation activities with them and helping them to reflect on their own journey with Jesus, how its going and where they are at.

I’ve called it ‘Stumbling Towards Jesus’, because so much of what we do is a ‘stumble’ and yet if we are heading in the right direction then the pace or way in which we get there is less of a concern.puffy chair the divx

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