Glad it’s over…

I have had one of those ‘don’t want to be a teacher’ weeks.

The kids were pretty good this week – I just didn’t feel like being there. Despite all my prayers for sickness it didn’t come, so I finished up grinding my way thru another 2 days.

One week to go and then its holidays.

I think I am actually just in rather dire need of a break after a long period of time without one and in a very new situation.

All three of my paid roles are requiring a bit more of me at present and staying on top of them all is a bit of a balancing act.

I can see Forge has great potential and is looking set to fly. Brighton is entering a new stage and I know I need to give more time to what we are doing here, and then there’s school… well school just takes 2 days out of the week and a lot of emotional energy.

I’m actually not complaining. I reckon my life is much better than most and I love the variety and the flexibility I have. However the freedom also means a lot hangs on me to get off my butt and ‘make it happen’. On weeks like I have just had where I feel tired and weary it actually creates more stress to have to keep taking initiative.

What I have learnt though is that if you procrastinate you only feel worse – so I tend to force myself to do things that I know need doing.

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