Going Up Bush

I have another weekend up bush at a place called Katanning where we will stay with Danelle’s folks. We’re heading off tomorrow and coming back Monday.

In that time I’ll be kicking back and relaxing, as well as meeting with the Katanning Baptist leadership team and preaching there on Sunday morning. The associate pastor there is considering doing an internship with Forge daddy s little girls divx online so I am going to make sure the church and leadership team are both well aware of what it could mean if their pastor gets (more) serious about mission. It could mean quite a lot – from painful change to pastoral resignation to amazing freedom.

I wonder what will happen?

Apparently Sunday night is Carols by Candlelight – one of those events I’d happily miss – in fact I’d rather drown in a bucket of vomit… I’m not a big fan of carols!

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