Gold Class?… No Way!

We decided to give the kids a bit of an end of year treat and with the new Narnia III out on Friday we thought that would be the go.

Then we thought ‘why not Gold class?’ Admittedly it has been over 10 years since I last ventured into this type of space, but I was remembering popcorn and drinks and snacks. But apparently that has changed.

Now you get… a big chair

That’s it – a big red chair – and the privilege of paying an exorbitant price for food off their menu.

It was my stuff up as I didn’t read the fine print, but at $29.00/person (no discount for kids) you’d expect more than an oversized armchair!

And here’s the even suckier part. There was a ‘booking fee’ of $13.00. And that was with me doing a DIY over the net. How do they justify that one?…

Well ‘Gold Class’, we will be there on Friday, but it won’t be happening again.

2 thoughts on “Gold Class?… No Way!

  1. We went a few weeks ago and it included a free serve of popcorn and soft drink, which is not bad considering it’s only $10 more than a regular ticket (which is about the cost of popcorn and coke nowadays) and you get that, a comfy chair, and the chance to order drinks and hot food (which wasn’t too badly priced).

    That was ACE cinemas, presumably the one you went to was a different variety.

  2. I’m amazed you were able to book your kids in to it Andrew – the one at Innaloo doesn’t even allow under 18s – AND they provide the same low level of extras (ie big red chair only)

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