When this year started my life was ambling along and I was looking for things to do most days. I was almost glad of my two days of teaching just to help fill up a fairly empty week!

Its now August and that has changed a heap. Today and yesterday have been sensational days and I have not been able to go surfing or fishing… ‘how sad’ I hear you cry! My brother sent me a text yesterday afternoon asking if I wanted to head out on the water.

Want to?… absolutely!

Able to?… nup…

Well I could have, but there was a lot of stuff that wouldn’t have got done. Some days I am happy just to drop everything and have fun, but now as activity has increased I am aware that I can’t do that anywhere near as freely.

Its great to see what we are doing in Brighton developing and to see Forge really gaining steam, but it does mean returing to where ordinary people live!

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