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Francis Chan steps away from a megachurch to pursue a place of more obscurity and more faithfulness to what he believes God has called him to. Mark Driscoll asks him some good and tough questions about whether we have to take the ‘downward mobility’ route to pursue holiness or if we can be sanctified while in the flow of an affluent life.

There are some excellent questions tossed around by some good minds. Worth a listen.

I know I grapple with similar stuff and wonder if we would actually be better disciples if we were less affluent. But then I don’t see that it is God’s wish for anyone to be poor and needy either. I guess what disturbs me most is the glaring disparity between the wealth I have and the poverty in other parts of the globe and the relatively small difference I make to it all.

Yeah I know – quite bleating about and just do something…

2 thoughts on “Good Conversation

  1. I was pretty disturbed by the whole conversation mostly because I found the theology whacked-out. There seems to be a real lack of understanding of the relationship between God and created things–which includes money.

  2. I was actually quite impressed with Francis Chan (who I’d never heard of before) in this video, he seems like a genuine guy who is seeking to follow Jesus ever more closely, and I like that. I can’t imagine he’s ever really going to be in poverty – it seems like he has quite a big ‘safety net’ of sorts, but I like his attitude and I hope he carries it through. Slightly less than impressed with Driscoll though, he didnt seem to get it I thought, but that could just have been the video. Thanks for posting it Hamo.

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