Got Any Hot Tips?

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The planning has begun for the Big Lap…

We have a departure date – Monday April 20th – and a plan to be home by November 1st, but in between we are going to be on the road exploring this big country and having a heap of fun.

The above photo is of the Nullabor in 1966. We will be doing the same road but thankfully 40 years later and not in an EH Holden!

We sat down to map out a bit of an itinerary and realised that we actually don’t have too many places we ‘must’ see. Our intention was to list the ‘must go’ places and then plan our time accordingly. We got two or three places down and then realised we just don’t know enough to plan any better… We will when we get back, but for now we are somewhat uninformed.

We’re happy to cruise a day at a time and see things as we go. We realise we won’t see everything that maybe we should, but 6 months does fly by pretty quick and we don’t intend to spend most of it in the car!

Having said all that if you do have some tips of places that you would list as ‘must see’s’ then let’s hear about it.

We ‘discovered’ Port Smith and Barn Hill while at a party yesterday and they both look like good tips for people wanting to camp and relax. Our plan is to head north immediately, not spend too long in WA (as we can easily get back here) and then head across the top, down the East coast, across to Tas and then back across the Nullabor.

So if you know of a few ‘don’t miss’ hot spots please make a comment and enlighten us virgin travellers so we make the most of our time.

9 thoughts on “Got Any Hot Tips?

  1. WA inland route – Karijini National Park (fern pool) is a must see

    WA coastal route – The Burrup Penninsular Indigenous rock art is a must see.

    then the Kimberely region…. well, if it was me, I would simply pull over and never come back 😉


  2. You must come see Poatina in Tasmania, It is the town that is owned by Fusion Australia. Look up Poatina on google to get a bit more info. We are living in Poatina Until July (gavin & alana)

  3. Just out of Airlie Beach in the Whitsundays is a sleepy little spot called Dingo Beach, a local holiday spot for the cane farmers away from all the tourists.

    Airlie itself is worth a stop too – and the lagoon there means all-year-round swimming so no stingers in summer.

  4. Ningaloo Station WA before the government wrecks it.

    Turquoise Bay, Ningaloo, see coral at it’s finest.

    Town of 1770, Queensland – because the name is cool…but also a really nice Spot.

    Fraser Island which is as good as they say.

    Pambula near Merrimbula, NSW, South East Coast, Four Star Caravan park right on the beach but also local wildlife will come and feed. Also has heated

    bathroom floors which is fantastic.

    What a great adventure!

  5. On your way back around, you should stop in on a little spot in the south west of WA called Busselton (Busso to the locals). Lots of great things to see & do, but also a great place to chill out.

    I know you may not have heard of it before, but it’s worth a look for a week or 7…

  6. On the nullarbor leg – make sure you take the turnoff to Koonalda homestead. It is about 20km off the road just out of Eucla on the SA side.

    An amazing old homestead to camp at, and then there is the cave a little further down the road.

    See here for more:

    Also getting out to Cactus Beach from Penong in SA (just before the nullarbor) – would be great. Awesome left and right hander, as well as great beach and pier fishing.

    And then on the WA side of the nullarbor is Eyre Bird Observatory (out of Cocklebiddy) – one of the few places you can get to the beach. Well worth it.

    In WA – get out to Kalumburu if you can – though that will defeat getting out of here quick.

    I agree with 1770 in QLD – awesome.

    Other place in QLD I would suggest is Etty Bay just out of Innisfail.

    Vic – SW is great. Don’t miss Tower Hill Nature reserve. Everything around there is very similar to WA SW. Otway Fly, Princetown, Warnambool, Port Fairy.

    SA – Victor Harbour was nice – just down the road at Port Elliot is where we stayed – a little quiteter.

    Also Mt Camel Beach on the Eyre Peninsular was awesome for fishing.

    Have fun!

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