Grace You’re a Legend

Those kind hearted folks over at Pyromaniacs put together some not so friendly posters parodying folks who are seeking to explore new expressions of mission and church and Grace has put together some of her own.

They are great. Simple, provocative and inspiring. Well done Grace!

If you read the comments you will discover that not everyone liked them.

I responded to this person’s comments with some of my own thoughts… but strangely enough as I hit post my internet connection carked it and I was logged out… might have been a good thing… if you know what I mean…

7 thoughts on “Grace You’re a Legend

  1. Oh, I didn’t read the post from the mongrel horde and your comment on it. Hamo, mate, you didn’t come off very well there. I think your comment just reinforces the critics who accuse those in the emerging movement to be critical while not responding well to criticism themselves. Ugh, sometimes I think the blogosphere is good for only starting exercises in mental masturbation. Now excuse me while I explore Hirsch’s principle of action as sacrament.

  2. The tradition of a good intellectual wank has been upheld rigourously by the chuch throughout history. It is also engaged in by academics and atheists with equal enthusiasm. As such I feel it has great outreach opportunities.

  3. No, my comment on Grace’s blog wasn’t posted.

    My comment on Garet’s was (I knew that) and if you read Garet’s comments on Grace’s blog then you will see a little of the context.

    Intellectual wank?…

    I’m flattered!

    When was this blog ever intellectual? 🙂

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