Grass Greener?

I dunno about you but it seems that so often the grass looks greener in somebody’s else’s paddock…

As we heard from the father up at the monastery tonight about the monastic practices, there was something very winsome about a life of devotion to God – about the value of hospitality as it is lived out in the monastery, about the simplicity of a monastic life.

However that said, this is one paddock I don’t think I will ever get tempted to stray into. A life of relative isolation from the bustle of the world just isn’t where I feel called to be.

The disciplined life with the regiment of spiritual practices has real appeal (in a whacked kind of way) but I’d rather find God in the life I live every day – the mess of suburbia than in the white washed walls of a lonely building miles from anywhere.

Nope – as much as I enjoyed the visit I like my own grass better tonite.

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