Guy Sebastian for World Idol???

Despite my best intentions (of going out to see a movie with Danelle) I sat at home and watched World Idol. Actually I am watching it as I write this”

Having succumbed, I must admit that Guy Sebastian was pretty awesome. We all agreed that he needed to sing something funky and he really was up there with the best. I am a fan of people who ‘move’ rather than those who stand still – singers or preachers. Movement engages people and speaks of confidence. Guy certainly exuded a fair bit of charisma and it came thru as he did his thing.

I guess everybody wants their local to win – most days I don’t care, but today I’d like to see him do it.

If Guy doesn’t win I’d like to see Kurt from Norway pull it off. I’d also like to see some of those judges bite themselves. Maybe they are paid to be obnoxious, but it must be tough for those guys to hear that they are ‘ugly’, ‘useless’ etc.

If we want to see the final we’ll have to get up at 3.30am on Jan 2nd. Chances of that happening?… Yeh” that’s right!

Well” Danelle is voting for Kurt (the hobbit) as I write” Go Norway!

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