Had Your Chance…

Getting people to come to Butler to look at any item you have for sale is very very difficult. It is the most outlying northern suburb and most people don’t want to go there.

Today I had two calls about the Landy, both who lived a fair way away – but in suburbs I happened to be going near, so I offered to take the car with me. They had seen it on ebay.

The first viewer looked lustfully at her… I could tell he was going to bid… possibly even pay full price. Then the second bloke took a look. He had been looking for a decent 4WD at a decent price for 3 months. He was a fussy bugger, but after 20 minutes of inspection he went into his study and clicked ‘buy it now’ without hesitation. I could see him salivating…

And I still reckon he got a bargain! $6500.00 for a brilliant old car is pretty damn cheap. (Of course the $5000.00 I paid for it 12 months ago was even cheaper.)

So, just as Danelle was starting to come around to being a 2 x 4WD family my old favourite is gone. I wonder if I will regret it…tmnt divx online

4 thoughts on “Had Your Chance…

  1. From what you said, the Landy needed LPG to do anything.

    I’ve seen you do more with only the aid of a flat-white!


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