Halfway to nowhere in particular

This afternoon we got back from 9 days in the south west, catching up with youth pastors and also having something of a break.

Here’s a pic of the slowest moving creature known to mankind. Sam is never in a hurry to get anywhere. He could take 5 minutes to slowly crawl his way into the car, or half an hour to get his clothes on in the morning. He’s a very lovable little fella, but a fast paced dad and a son who has no idea of any speed above ‘crawl’ makes for an interesting mix!

I enjoy the fact that my job does allow me to get away with my family and mix ‘business and pleasure’, but this trip had a significant amount of ‘business’ in it and was not as restful as I had hoped. It wasn’t the meetings with youth pastors that were stressful, but more the planning and preparation work I did when I wasn’t with people.

I had half a holiday and got half a job done!

No wonder I am a little dissatisfied as I sit here tonight. Its my own fault as I chose to work it that way, but I could have done with a bit more extended veg time.

Strangely I used to be someone who never wanted to come home – who could travel endlessly and loved the road trip lifestyle. But in the last few years I have become increasingly fond of my own home, my own bed and the familiarity of our neighbourhood. I was looking forward to coming home today. I think part of it is having kids who need some level of routine and get bored in the absence of their toys.

I imagine if it were just Danelle and me, I’d be happy to stay on the road for a very long time, but the presence of little people does make holidays a bit more tiring.

Every time I make a successful trip in the old Landy I drive home amazed. For a 1991 4 speed manual this old bus does very very well indeed! Aside from that one fateful trip 18 months ago it has hardly missed a beat and is a brilliant old car.

The plan is simply to drive her till she drops. If that ever happens I’ll just unscrew the number plates and walk away… I remember reading a poem once about abandoned cars (might have been a Bruce Dawe) and the idea is that there is more honour in being abandoned than in being taken to the wrecker. Whatever, I just love getting around in the old girl.

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