Hamo’s Random Coffee Commentary I

Ok,in the last 6 months I have gone from being an appreciator of good coffee, (while still being a regular instant drinker) to now being somewhat obsessive about the stuff.

I owe that largely to my caffeine freak friend Grendel who has ‘converted’ me to a life of ‘only the best’.

I have entered the ranks of those who reject instant coffee in favour of water or tea. I can even pick the difference between good and very good these days and sadly most days I would rather drink at home than risk someone else’s brew.

Anyway here’s a quick run-down of some places I’ve visited lately and the quality of their coffee… (in my humble opinion…) I tried some of these places because following our tour of the 5 Senses ‘lab’ we were given a bunch of vouchers to use.

Velvet Espresso – King Steet in the city – Hmmm…. bloody good coffee! (5 Senses) I had some muesli and fruit as well as two flat whites and they were brilliant. The place was humming and the staff seemed to know what they were doing, which is probably why they have such a good rep around the place. A real winner! 9/10

Stimulatte – in Hay St Subiaco, just near Nandos. We stopped in here to get a coffee on the way down south, so it was always going to be take away. I don’t like paper cups, but you gotta do what you gotta do… Its a small cafe, but was busy enough when we were there. I could tell the barista was going to stuff my order up because he was engrossed in conversation with a mate, so the request for 1 sugar in my flat white was forgotten in the hubbub. We only discovered the absence of sugar after we had started driving… But in my mind its a measure of good coffee if you can drink it without sugar. These guys are right up there for quality coffee (5 Senses) because it was still very very good. A little attention to customer needs and they’d be a real winner. 8.5/10

Prevelly Cafe – Margaret River – The views from this cafe mean you could drink cat wee and not complain! With a large swell running out at the bombie and a beautiful sunny winter’s day I was in heaven. The coffee was average and the staff were ok. 6/10 for the coffee experience 11/10 for the location

The Urban Bean – ok you have you go to Margaret River to get this stuff, but these guys do a great brew! Its at the top of the street (south end) and well worth the effort. The food is the organic salad kind of stuff and it has that ‘we grew it ourselves’ type of feel. Personally I like a bit more meat… but the staff are good, the vibe is nice and the coffee is sensational. 9.5/10

MacDonalds Busselton – come on… laugh with me! Actually it was better than I expected but still not something you’d go back for! The kids loved it and Danelle enjoyed the sleep in. 5/10

Yallingup Coffee – Dunsborough – These guys do their own brew and are getting fairly well known. I have been there twice now and had a large flat white both times. I’d have to say it was ok but tasted a bit harsh and wasn’t up there with some of the better stuff I have come across. The place was busy and quite impersonal. Not a cafe I’d hang out to get back to. 710

Bridgetown Pottery & Tea Rooms – Bridgetown – This place has become a regular stop off on my south west travels! The coffee is ok – pretty average really – but the scones, homemade jam and double cream are just sensational!!! The vibe is much like a lounge room and the owner is friendly. If you’re in the vicinity then stop in and have some scones… you won’t remember the coffee once you sink your teeth into them. 10/10 for scones, jam and cream 5/10 for coffee.

The Merchant – Mandurah – these guys have a very good reputation for good coffee and being right on the shore of the estuary it was a nice place to spend a Sunday morning. Unfortunately this is where I am reminded that factors other than coffee come into play when it comes to assessing a cafe. The manageress (I assume this was who it was) was one of those obnoxious, belligerent people who abused her staff any time they did anything wrong. As we sat right next to the till we heard everything! The coffee was good but the way she treated her staff made me want to walk out. 6/10

Long Mach – South Terrace Fremantle – another example of people who know what they are doing with coffee. My Five Senses voucher got me another freebie for Danelle and I as we came home from holidays and it was verrry nice. Good vibe, nice people and an interesting food menu. Would have liked to stay and eat… 9/10

The coffee at Long Mach was a great way to end the holiday…

More random coffee commentary to come…

13 thoughts on “Hamo’s Random Coffee Commentary I

  1. Sadly i discovered this morning that i am well on my way to getting a home espresso machine…working in the sydney cbd I am spoilt for choice. Angel cafe next door does a nice latte, but my favourite has to be Mecca on King Street. Well priced, fast service, and your coffee is made by the national barista champion!

    The coffee van at my station does a good cup too.

    I tried some expensive instant today in the hope that i could whack that in a travel mug for commuting, but threw it out after one sip!

  2. I reckon it’s hard to go past Voyager just out of Margarets. Great location, great food, coffee to die for and big lounges and couches to immerse yourself in for a week or so…

  3. Paula – you got the call right on Mecca – I’ve made the coffee-Haj over to ‘Sidenee’ and had coffee there – very nice indeed.

  4. Hi Chris

    I have tried 130’s a couple of times and found the coffee ok, but nothing special (review coming in part II) however the staff were bloody rude to me on my first two occasions there so it has become a place of last resort 🙂

    New Norcia I am keen to try!

  5. Can depend whn you got to 130 me thinks – I often go early (’bout 7 30) and morning shift seem like nice folks…

    There is another cafe in subi centro which is awesome, I just can’t think what it is! Their long mac is unbelievable!

    Hope the conference is going well. We are aware of you forge folk and think of you as we do our neo-monastic thing in the suburbs



  6. Thanks Chris – good to hear from you – its been a big weekend. Maybe we should grab a coffee some time and you can fill me in more on your own learnings?

  7. I think you may be thinking cafe cafe in subi maybe chris?

    I got offered a job there for my beautiful coffee skills (cough cough)

    nice coffe i believe though

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