Hamo’s Random Coffee Commentary II

Giardini’s – Oxford Street Leederville – Now… I had better be careful because this is where I work (meet people) and I wouldn’t want to offend those fantastic staff who are there! They use Vittoria coffee and do a pretty decent job with it, but it does mean they start a few steps off the pace in terms of quality. When Greens closed earlier this year a few of us were forced to move location and I finished up here. Their food menu is good, but not cheap and their coffee is decent, but not brilliant. The reason I stay is because they are top notch people and their service has always been sensational! In the Leederville area there is very little top notch coffee being made, so the decision becomes one made around other factors. For me friendly staff who don’t treat you like an inconvenience is the key element and Leon,Deb and the crew are a 10/10 on that score. I will be there for a while to come even if the coffee is a 7/10. There is also plans for a wireless network here so it could be an even bigger hit for the crew who use cafes as offices.

Sayers – Ok here’s a relatively new cafe in Carr St in Leederville. It is owned by a bloke called Mark Sayers, so when my friend and Forge colleague (called Mark Sayers) was in Perth for the Herding Cats seminar earlier in the year I took him here so he could meet his namesake. These guys are fast getting a reputation for high quality food and good coffee. They also use a five senses blend for their coffee and generally it is very good albeit a tad frothy. If you go here, then make sure you order a large cup of whatever because those small cups just don’t last real long at all! The service is very good and friendly and the vibe of the place is modern although a tad cramped in areas. If it weren’t off the main strip I would probably go here a bit more often. Its probably the best coffee in the Oxford St area. 8.5/10

130’s – Oxford St Leederville – Well… some places just leave you wanting to never return. My first two experiences here were with staff who were so rude I almost walked out. I wonder if its the fact that they are popular that makes them behave like this? I find their coffee quite average – probably a 7/10 at best. The grungy & somewhat noisy vibe will suit some people but it is not my cup of tea. I like to be able to have a conversation and not have to yell at people to be heard. I go here when someone suggest it, but otherwise I avoid like the plague.

5 thoughts on “Hamo’s Random Coffee Commentary II

  1. Hey Hammo,

    think I’ll stick to my local brew at St Ali, Sth Melbourne.

    Thanks for the coffee you & Kimmy shouted me at Berwick.


  2. Have you tried Voyage in Hillarys? In my very limited coffee experience, I think these guys serve their coffee at the perfect temperature which is important – nothing worse than burning your tongue on your first sip! I think they use Toby’s Estate beans. And once you’re there….the cakes and menu will certainly suck you in!

  3. Toby’s Estate is great stuff, unfortunately it can suffer on its trip across the nullabor – especially in summer. Once or twice I’ve also had coffee there that was over a month old, which is just a bit too far gone. They do know their stuff otherwise though. I have to ask why you’d bother going with an Eastern States roaster when there are two excellent local options.

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