Hamo’s Top 5 in 2005

Ok… here they are folks my top 5 reads for 2005… My favourite ‘most read’ blogs:

At No.1 No Guarantees – Scott Vawser – fellow coach to youth pastors and also my own ministry/life coach. I like Scott as a bloke so naturally I enjoy reading his stuff. He is also on a very similar trajectory to us so its been great to share that journey.

No. 2 Radical Congruency – Justin Baeder – a bloke who is also walking a similar path, has a good sense of humour and a decent theological mind. Justin also hosts this blog very cheaply. Contact him if you need good blog hosting!

No. 3 Jesus Creed – Scott McKnight isn’t a bad theologian either (aussie understatement) and I have really appreciated his take on what is happening around the place as a professor who can explain things in terms ordinary people can grasp.

No. 4 His Method – Bruce Chant – a local church planter doing his thing about 6 kms down the road from us. Bruce is the pastor of the local AOG church in Mindarie (Northshore). Its been really good to meet up face to face a few times and share some similar passions.

No. 5 The Rev – my good friend John Jensen just pips Phil Baker for no.5! John doesn’t write as often as he should – probably cause he’s lazy. But when he does he can tell a good story and invent some great heresies. Any American who can bowl leg spinners is worth an honourable mention!

So there you have my reading preferences. Congratulations Scott Vawser on your incredible status as Hamo’s no 1 fan. It will undoubtedly lead to numerous speaking and writing engagements in the future 🙂 Or it might mean nothing at all…

Other blogs I have been browing and enjoying lately just as a bit of a nosy bugger include:

Ryan Bolger – I really like what this bloke writes – great resonance in the ideas.

Bro Maynard – another very interesting read – and someone who has linked to me a few times and thus is a valued friend!

Barro – Aussie bloke doing the same stuff as we are only in Melbourne. We met up at the Forge Summit and clicked pretty well. I like earthy people like Barro!

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