Happy Holiday?

I sat down last night to check out some places the 4 Hamos could go for a holiday pre Christmas. On this occasion I am thinking decent accommodation but not too expensive – a 2 bedroom chalet / villa somewhere in the south west, near the coast would be fine. I am thinking $100.00-150.00/night maximum.

I rang a mob in Esperance where we had been before and enquired… $220.00/night… What the?… For 11 nights that would be $2420.00. Can the average family afford that kind of expense?!

I don’t know about you, but I find that an obscene amount of money to put my head on a pillow for a night, but that is ‘market value’. The south west isn’t much cheaper, in fact for a similar place its probably more expensive.


We have stayed in ‘cheap’ places before and regretted it. A wasted holiday is never ‘cheap’. We sometimes joke about the ‘brown house’, a 3 bedroom house where everything was small, damp and brown… Never again. It was a holiday to remember for all the wrong reasons.

So if you have any hot tips on good value places to stay in the south of WA from Dec 13-24, or if any crazy people want to do a house swap and spend 10 days in beautiful Brighton living in a stunning mansion (ok suburban 4 x 2) with friendly dog, then I am all ears.

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  1. The Blurb:

    Kirribilli is a comfortable 80’s style beach house with a deck overlooing some lovely, vegetated dunes to the east. The four bedrooms are on the western side, with views to Cathedral Rock. The house is solar-powered, comfortable and ideal for those who appreciate the wild. The nearest town is Northcliffe (20 minutes drive) and there are 4WD tracks to some amazing dunes and ocean vistas. For those who like to fish, the Southern Ocean is a 5 minute walk away and for those who don’t, the world-famous Bibbulman Track is just up the road. Of course you can always stay home and contemplate the clouds from your treetop-level living room.

  2. Pity it wasn’t 12 – 26 Jan 2008 – we take our family hols down at Bremmer Bay then – been doing it for near on 17 years. We always look for someone to come on down as long as they look after our pets – free!!! – we are a 2 min drive from Emu Point (Boronia Ave – will show on a Google Map) – but then if you did stop here, I would have to hide my Rick Warren/Bill Hybel books, on the coffee table you would see – The Shape Of Things To Come!!!

  3. Ah.. Mark – would have been nice, but we are on a camp in Busso then.

    Prevelly is crazily expensive too Dave

    Grendel Kirribilli looks interesting… long way from civilisation though and with two kids daily activities other than reading the paper could be essential!

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