Hard Soil

No… Its not a post on suburban mission…

Its a bit more literal than that. I have started the retic business I mentioned previously and today was digging in very hard soil. After a 40 degree day yesterday where I was outside and installing a couple of systems I decided to leave today’s job until after lunch. Of course the morning was cool and cloudy but as I rolled up to start the clouds rolled back and the breeze died off… Bugger…

What do you do in hard soil – crusty soil?

Chip away… chip away… chip away… and don’t give up.

Ok, so this is turning into a post on suburban mission…

Seriously the retic business has actually been one of the best ‘missionary’ ventures I have initiated since being here and it was somewhat accidental. In the last 2 weeks I have been in 15 different homes and met a whole bunch of people I never would have before. I’ve learnt a heap about a whole new area and I’ve started a business that I reckon could sustain us financially on 2 days a week. Most people who know me well know that my motto in life has always been ‘why do yourself what you can pay someone else to do’. I haven’t enjoyed home handyman stuff since my teens and have avoided it.

But in a world of loose ends and intangible results it is nice to do something that is finished when I walk away.

I have also been drinking more beer (which is always good for suburban mission)

14 thoughts on “Hard Soil

  1. I dont know whats happened to the price of beer lately, I picked up a carton of Becks for $38….better than Emu Bitter… 🙂

    oh, btw….your analogy on soil is a good one…I think you might have pinched it from someone else though….:)

  2. Minimally! a few business cards and letterbox drops has got me heaps already and i only want 1 or2 days a week. I think the task will actually be minimising the work in this area.

  3. Soon you’ll have a staff of 20, a franchise operation (“Hamo’s Holes – you have the need, we dig the deed”) and a cray boat called “Backyard Missionary Position”

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