Just a couple of weeks ago a good mate called me and asked me to help him fix his reticulation. It was his rental property and it sounded like a pretty straight-forward fix.

When I got there I realised it was a much bigger job than it sounded. How often has that happened?!…

I began to feel stressed, partly because I had only allocated an hour or so to the job but more because I knew how much it was going to cost my friend if I charged him as a normal customer. I ended up leaving him to do some of the grunt work and agreeing to come back at another time to finish it off.

As I drove off I was reflecting on the strange anxious feeling that I was experiencing and trying to make sense of it. What I realised was that for me my ‘money making days’ are Tues-Thurs and I was using some of that time to do a job I didn’t want to make much out of – and it was turning into a big BIG job…

I don’t mind charging people for my services, but for real good mates I’d prefer to help them out and charge much less. As I was driving to the next job I made a decision. I won’t do those kinds of jobs on my ‘money days’. Instead I’ll wait till the weekend and then go around and work with them. That way they get the job done by a friend for less than they would pay normally and I don’t feel like I’m missing out on $$ that I could normally make.

Funny how a small moment of awareness changes the way you can see something. So tomorrow afternoon we go around and get it sorted. And it really doesn’t matter how long it takes now as Sunday afternoons are for relaxing and that’s what I’ll be doing.

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