There hasn’t been much of it these last few weeks!

I am trying to keep my Retic business to just 3 days a week and while I have been able to do that, it has meant I have had to put in a few 10-12 hour days. When you’re in the sun on hot days digging trenches it means you come home weary and with little brain activity.

I don’t think I have had a coherent thought worth publishing on here for ages, but that’s just life for me at the moment.

Its been a challenge to keep working my business at a healthy pace as the demand increases and there have been a few frantic days when I have felt like just giving it away. I have actually forgotten a couple of customers in the last few weeks and that is quite out of character for me and a sign I am trying to do too much. There have also been a few warranty issues that need to be squeezed in around the already packed schedule. Some have been genuine issues and others have been simple wear and tear and not really my issue – but often you don’t know till you get there…

Its been good to have someone working with me on big jobs because there are times on the really hot days when all has been going pear shaped I have just felt like packing up and going home. Much easier to keep going when two of you are there.

Anyway just thought I’d pop my head up for a minute and let you know that the pace of life has sped up considerably and the depth of thought on here might well decrease proportionately!

3 thoughts on “Headspace

  1. maybe this is why lots of the new testament is written years after the events happen – tent making might be as conducive to “deep” thinking as retic work 😉

    keep on keeping it real bruthah!

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