“Heretic McLaren Re-Imagines Hell”

What a charming title.

The not so gracious guardians of all things true continue to shirtfront anyone who chooses to question their own way of thinking.

I really am a bit tired of this offensive pig-headed, lame brained nonsense.

Adding to the problem is that I can’t ‘comment’ because I have been banned from the site. And the funny thing is all I did was politely disagree… I can get a lot fiestier, but all I did was suggest a different opinion may be valid. I wouldn’t mind getting banned for being a jerk, but surely disagreement is allowed in this world?…

Why dont you offer them your own helpful insights.

While the ‘theology nazis’ continue to assault the prophets the victim in all this is the quest for a better understanding of what the Bible teaches.

(Imagine the ‘soup Nazi’ from Seinfeld) “No Heaven for you! Come back 1000 years!”

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