Holiday Diet

With being on holidays I expected to stack on a bit of weight. A few extra drinks, lots of goodies and some lavish evening meals. I tend to indulge a little when away…

But the cook has been serving up a fair few vego meals and we have been eating much less meat – cause it would be cheaper just to buy a cow and strap it to the roof rack.

We also haven’t been eating much at all between meals and going to bed at 9.00 means not a lot of evening snacking. So I haven’t gained much at all. Not quite slim Jim, but neither am I lining up for Biggest Loser.

I’m a bit concerned about the long term impacts of a diet deficient of large amounts of red meat though…

We will need to fix that one…

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9 thoughts on “Holiday Diet

  1. Road Kill could be a cheap and viable option, but may mean driving behind a semi at dusk for a freshy. Roo is good, not much on emu, cattle may be a bit tough.

  2. When you eat less red meat, you are in real danger of your stomach searching around and finding, and then digesting the freshest and reddest meat it can find – your HEART!!!

    So, that is why vegetarians are so cold and merciless – they have no heart.

    You heard it first, folks. Science & logic.

  3. Donna – please done post this rubbish on my blog or I will simply ban you from commenting. If you want to have an intelligent discussion then no prob – but long nonsensical rants will be laughed at and then deleted

  4. I suppose you better eat your road kill with eschatological perspective. Woe to whoever wrote that legalistic, fundamental nonsense – it lacks fun and the gospel!

  5. Did she say that because I bagged vegetarians?

    Back to the topic, um… oh…

    … I forgot what I was going to say…

  6. I seriously know a couple down near Augusta who love their road kill. They save a lot of $$$ buy collecting fresh kill cooking it and downing it. The not so fresh stuff goes to the dogs…

    People do this, they are even normal types, almost like you Hamo!

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