Holiday Moments

Well, its rained every day…

But it has still been a really good time. A few moments worth noting:

> Surfing with Sam in freezing cold water with a ridiculous windchill factor. Oddly enough he hasn’t asked to go back!

> Catching up with Ray & Caroline, some friends who live down here. The kids loved their farm and Ray and I enjoy some very similar passions. One of the world’s most energetic 59 year olds! Tonight we head out to dinner with them.

> I read ‘Jack’

how the garcia girls spent their summer divx online

, a biography of CS Lewis, written by one of his close friends. It wasn’t rivetting, but as a CS fan it was still a very enjoyable read.

> Over the last two days I read ‘A Thousand Splendid Suns’, by Khaled Hossein, a brilliant book but one that leaves you speechless at the unfairness of the world we live in. It is the story of 2 Afghani women living in Kabul from the 50’s thru to the current era. It begins with one woman’s life seeming to be as bad it could possibly be, then it gets worse… and worse.. and it doesn’t stop. Don’t read it if you like the world to be a pretty place, but if you enjoy real life drama and what (seems to me) like a pretty good take on Afghanistan during the Taliban regime then this is a great read

> Of course a holiday blog post would be incomplete without some coffee comment! (Hello Grendel!) One thing we have observed is that Denmark is smaller than we had remembered with fewer shops and cafes. I went out to get some take away the other night and the choice was ‘Chooks’ or ‘Chooks’. However during the day there is a great little cafe called the Bibbulman Cafe. We took a gamble on it the first day we were there and had such a good coffee I had to ask where it was from. ‘Five Senses’ the owner replied. Kinda made sense! It was one of the best I have had around the place, so we have been back there a bit.

> Today we went out to Greens Pool. It looked like raining so I rugged up in takky daks and jumper only to see the sun come out and the kids excited about swimming. Ironically I sat on the beach sweating because the sun was pretty biting. Don’t you love it!

> Tomorrow we are off 4WDing with Ray and then Friday is Danelle’s birthday. Maybe Hungry Jacks for lunch…

Anyway… Denmark is a beautiful place. And even nicer when its not raining…

I still can’t decide whether to sell the Landy. Its a great old car, just so long as you don’t want to overtake anyone! We found that on the way down if we switched from LPG to petrol we could just get past people on the overtaking stretch. Off to buy a Quokka…

6 thoughts on “Holiday Moments

  1. I’m with Mike mate, have a great time over the festive week, take care – thanks for your Blogging (glad you came back)- made and making great friends from your family in the Blogging sphere.


  2. A Thousand Splendid Suns really annoyed me. Still, I read it as someone who probably has more experience of Afghanistan than Hossein’s general readership. I thought it was unrealistic and sentimental! And disingenuous!

    On another note, I need to talk to you about reticulation. Expect a call soon!


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