I had some stuff to say tonight, but we didn’t get back from our Christmas gig until 9.30 and I am stuffed, so it aint gonna happen!

We are off tomorrow to Busselton for a week with 5 other families from the community as well as a family from our Upstream team. It should be a hoot. A whole week of surfing, diving, fishing and hanging out.

So chances are you won’t hear from me for a while!

Thanks to all those who have been regular readers, commentors and lurkers this year. I hope you had a great Christmas and that we continue the journey in 2007.

Now in the interests of maintaining some obscenity on the front page while I am away here is Hamo’s Christmas fart joke:

A man got married and everything was going well for the new couple except that every morning he would let rip with the loudest, most assaulting fart you have ever heard!

His new bride, while deeply in love, just could not bear it and asked him to stop.

‘I have to do it honey. Its just what blokes do… Better out than in’ he would say.

She couldn’t think of any way to stop him so every morning mr bugle bum would fire up and let rip. Some days he was so loud and forceful he would wake the neighbours. Other days he would just scare his new wife.

She began warning him that one day he would fart so hard he would blow his insides out.

‘Yeh right’ he said. You couldn’t fool this guy. He was a smart cookie.

Then one evening as she was preparing the Christmas turkey she had an idea. Bugle bum had gone to bed early so took the innards from the turkey and placed them on the bedsheet next to bum so that he would find them when he woke up in the morning.

Sure enough – next day bugle bum wakes the house with a fart that disturbed the richter scale. His bride was already in the kitchen but is surprised when an ashen faced bugle bum enters.

‘You were right honey! I did have a bit of accident this morning. But its ok now – I got it all back in…’

Anyway – enjoy your breakfast and I will see you when I get back.

5 thoughts on “Holidays…

  1. Now, just for calrification. Hamo is a Western Aussie. They are a breed of Aussies somewhat more focussed aroound body fluids and sounds. I must say it leave sme with doubts about that directorship.

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