Home Alone

Its Friday evening…

I am home alone. Danelle and kids have spent the day out and are waiting for the traffic to ease before heading home.

I ate pizza.

It always looks so good at the start and leaves you feeling so bad at the end!

At the pub today I met another boxer – an ex english champion – what is it with this pub and boxers?… We chatted for quite a while trying to ignore the obnoxious drunken idiot who was hanging around and delivering his meathead monlogues.

I can understand why people would thump a drunk.

I went to work today.

Nearly stayed home sick… sore throat, losing my voice, cold etc, but thought I should rock up as I have an easy day with a guy coming in to take all my classes for golf. Of course when I get there I discover he has double booked and won’t be fronting.

There goes the easy day.

Saturday looming – sabbath… rest… nice…

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