Homosexuality – When Tony and Peg Campolo Disagree

This is a fascinating presentation where Tony Campolo and his wife Peggy speak about the issue of gay relationships and their completely different perspectives on same sex relationships.

This is the blurb that precedes the talks:

Dr. Campolo’s position on homosexuality is conservative: he believes that the Bible forbids all homosexual activity. However, he does not support attempts to “convert” gays into straights; rather, he advises gay people to pursue celibacy. His position is what some refer to as “Side B.”

Peggy Campolo, Dr. Campolo’s wife, takes a different view. She supports monogamous, same-sex relationships, and believes that marriages should be recognized in the church for both heterosexual and homosexual couples. Peggy’s position is what some refer to as “Side A.”

Two committed Christians with two different views – yet they are able to share the same bed each night and respect each other’s faith. How do they do it?

I am about half way thru listening to them speak and finding their grace, reasoning and humour very engaging and compelling.

If you thought Tony was a good communicator then you should hear Peggy. He definitely doesn’t upstage her.

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