Honesty Pays

One of our Brighton community is an 18 year old first year Uni student. Lets’ call her Jane for the sake of anonymity.

Last week during her exam period she got the date of her exam wrong and missed sitting the exam. Ouch! That means redoing the unit. It was suggested to her by one of the academic staff that she write a letter explaining that she failed to front because her car broke down because that would give her a chance to resit it – however it was plainly not true. She simply forgot.

Although fairly devasted, (because there is no leniency for ‘forgetting’ and it means sitting the whole subjet and exam over again), Jane chose to write and tell the truth about what happened and ask for a break.

We prayed for her on Sunday, that she’d be able to re-sit the exam even though these things ‘don’t happen.’

Today she heard that the academic council had given her permission to resit the exam. Nice!

As a teenager growing up I was very influenced by Eric Liddell’s integrity choice not to run on a Sunday and the small slip of paper given to him that said ‘he who honours me I will honour’ has always stayed with me and has shaped my decisions.

This was one of those kinds of decisions that Jane was faced with.

To choose to tell the truth when you could get a better result by telling lies is to put faith into practice – to live by your convictions not because you might get caught but just because it is the right thing to do.

Its the wise woman ‘hearing my words and putting them into practice’. Its decisions like these that build a strong faith foundation for the years ahead.

Very proud of Jane!

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