Hope for the Hopeless?

I have just started reading ‘The Missional Leader‘ and have found some excellent insights, particularly the emphasis on the fact that ‘if the spirit of God is present then there is hope’.

This quote resonated deeply:

“In these biblical narratives God is constantly present in places where no one would logically expect God’s future to emerge and yet it does over and over. There is nothing in these stories about getting the wrong people off the bus and the right people on to accomplish great ends and become the best organizationin the world. This God who calls us is always calling the wrong people onto a bus that isn’t expected to arrive.”

Missional Leader A. Roxburgh & F Romanuk Pg 18

It flies against the great thinking I read in ‘Good to Great’ and yet it also sounds a lot like God…

1 thought on “Hope for the Hopeless?

  1. I had to consciously lift my jaw up. What a fantastic statement that reminds me that, despite all our best efforts and organization, it’s got to be God, or it doesn’t happen at all. Thanks for sharing.

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