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After the Forge paper of last week that is currently being re-written Steve has a podcast of an interview with Hirschy, commenting on that issue and the distinctions he sees between the different shape the so called ’emerging church’ is taking around the world.

Also about to happen is a look at the future of the church watch beer for my horses in divx and Scott has asked me to write a paper on ‘incarnation versus attractional mission’, with my focus to be on why I would choose ‘incarnational’. Normally I approach these issues with a very diplomatic approach and try not to bring any offense. I don’t want to bring offense and I don’t go seeking a punch up. I see other Christians as my brothers and sisters who are hearing God differently and that is not my issue.

But… I would like to write something a bit more provocative and confronting. I believe deeply in the incarnational approach to mission, and I am convinced it has much stronger biblical and missiological credence than the attractional approach.

But in 500 words!?…

That’s the tough bit.ratatouille dvdrip

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