How to Vote in The Next Election

At the last federal election I voted for the Greens. I don’t think that makes me a ‘Green’. It does mean that I felt – on the whole – their position best depicted the stuff of the kingdom.

What disturbed me was the way some folks concluded that I obviously wasn’t a Christian because I held this point of view.

Next time we have an election and we need to decide how to vote I’ll be using some of the content from this book to help people think through their approach to such a complex question.

Its an easy read, but I recommend it to any pastors who know there isn’t a ‘Christian’ position and are looking to equip their people to make intelligent decisions. I thought that given it is American in origin it might be a bit lacking in relevance, but not at all.

I don’t know who I will vote for in the next election, but I do know what will be shaping my thinking on the issue – and it will be the same principles as last time. Perhaps if we can develop a framework for making decisions and appreciate that no choice is without its problems then we can avoid this nonsense of declaring people ‘out’ because they don’t tow the party line we have ignorantly decreed as ‘Christian’.

2 thoughts on “How to Vote in The Next Election

  1. Agreed. I dislike the idea that the ‘Christian-way’ is lib/nat. They uphold some of the family values, but some of their community-support notions are particularly self-oriented, which is very UN-christian. The ALP has better social supports, but is a little too-broad for the regular churchy, and the Greens can be viewed as glorifying ideas that some Christians might struggle with.

    There is no Christian-party… even the CDP has very right wing views about the economy which (I believe) are contrary to a broad-biblical perspectives. Therefore, I would contest that the only way for a pastor to talk about politics from the pulpit, is to examine the issues facing the community, the answers that a party is putting, and put them all up against a biblical foundation. I get very snaky when a pastor starts saying ‘this mob is right, that mob is wrong’.

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