6 thoughts on “How Will You Vote?

  1. It would be even more great if it wasn’t rigged.

    Yes, those wonderful people from Getup! have designed this so that every time, without fail, you will preference Labor over Liberal. Doesn’t matter what you put in – you can choose the platform of the Nazi party (or even the Liberal party) – and you’ll still come out with Labor, the Greens and the Democrats as the top 3.

  2. Simon, I’m not sure what answers you gave but after seeing your comment I tried to load the test with answers that I thought would sway it to the Liberals and sure enough it told me to vote Liberal.

  3. Maybe they’ve been called on it, Rodney, because it wasn’t doing that yesterday…hopefully it’s fixed (as in repaired) now. It’s not just me, lots of people have found the same thing – put in liberal policies and you seem to get told to preference labor.

  4. How to vote?

    Don’t let the AEC stuff up your address update.

    We are no longer eligible to vote . . . still trying to sort the whole mess out … but we are dealing with govt employees, 48 hours….wonder if we’ll get in or not?

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