Hows your church going?

Don’t you love this question?…

I mean how do you answer that?!…

You could go for the generic ‘Um… Good’…


These days I have taken to this as my answer because I am sure it is true for probably every church in the world if they are honest. I draw an imaginary normal curve in the air and say.

“Well… Some stuff is sensational! It just couldn’t be better and we are glad to be part of it. Then again some stuff is terrible! I want to pull up stumps and go sell real estate. But truth is that most stuff just hangs somewhere in between – not greatly inspiring – not horribly depressing. It seems most of life is lived in this zone.”

How my church is going depends on where my focus is on the day you ask me.

I write this because I get sick of hearing people who only focus on the stuff that is exciting and amazing and equally I get tired of listening to people only focus on the struggles.

Personally I am an optimist and tend to see the good before the bad, but in the times I have found myself frustrated it has been because I have wanted to live in a place where everything is wonderful and there is no bad.

The longer I do this stuff the more I am aware that a normal curve is a pretty good picture of life in mission. Sometimes it might get a little skewed up and some times a little skewed down, but never is all good or all bad.

So there you go. Now you know what to expect if you ask me!

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