11 thoughts on “I Dare You…

  1. Perhaps when the pope is over we can all call and ask if we can speak with Benedict. After all where else would he stay but with Australia’s biggest church?

  2. so naturally I gave them a call…

    unfortunatley either because it a public holiday or because it a just one of those churches all I got was a recorded message with a menu of options.

    unfortunately they they didn’t have a option like

    “to make a crank call press 6.”

    I’ll post a link when I upload the video…

  3. i was just remembering the intro the speaker got at a planetshakers last year….slightly different…

    That reminded me more of a boxer being announced. There was even a screen behind showing action shots of the guy as he ran up on stage to the music and lights.

    seems some of us take ourselves more seriously than others i guess.

  4. I am just trying to visualize Hirschy hyping people up on the Hillsong stage … nah, just can’t do it, he’d need to consume more copious amounts of red cordial than I’ve ever seen him do. Oh, wait, getting very weird visuals now.

  5. We often think the yanks don’t get irony, but the Aussie girl doesn’t get the point.

    Maybe Al should send a carton of books to Hillsong so they know who he is.

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