I Don’t Believe

Over the last few months I have become increasingly convinced that a Sunday morning service is not the way we are going to help the majority of Aussie connect with God.

I have had reservations for a while – but its on record – I don’t believe…

I am going to a church soon to preach and talk with their leaders about new ways of being church. I have asked all the leaders to do one thing before I go – to ask 2 or 3 non christian friends to a Sunday morning service.

I believe that as they think thru and maybe even do that exercise (I’m not convinced many will!) they will experience such dissonance that they will be ripe for some healthy discussion when we sit down to talk. I can’t imagine many will feel comfortable inviting a friend to a Sunday gig – at a very traditional church – and yet this is the measure of success in the est church – bums on seats on Sunday.

I don’t believe.

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