I don’t want to go to heaven!!!

Today Danelle has gone out for the day and I have Sam at home with me while I do some work.

I stopped for a bit, to wrestle with him and have some fun. I was throwing him around on the bed and generally doing blokey things when we stopped to chat.

I asked him if he knew ‘what happened on Friday’

‘God died?’

‘Close mate – Jesus actually – but God’s good. ‘

‘Do you know how he died?’

‘On da cross?’


‘And Sunday? What happened then?’

‘Don’t know…’

‘He came alive again.’

‘Oh.’ (not all that impressed)

We began discussing how Jesus died on the cross and why he died as best a 3 year old can understand. I let him know that because Jesus came back to life we would come back to life too when we die (when we are very old I added) and that he would go to heaven.

We talked some more, he told me he didn’t want to go to heaven and then he started bawling.

I know it was something to do with talking about death, but nothing stops Sam once he is howling so I couldn’t get to the bottom of it. He was on a roll. Only mention of pancakes for lunch could pull the situation back from the brink of disaster.

As he was sitting there at the bench watching me make pancakes he said ‘I don’t like to die on a cross dad…’


‘Well if you’re a good boy then that won’t be a problem.’

Ok – I’m kidding. But hopefully he knows now that we don’t die on crosses any more.species the awakening divx movie online

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