I Get It

You know I get the gist of this video and think it says some useful things.

I also get the vibe of this post and think it pushes back fairly well.

Sometimes I just want to say ‘folks can we agree that we are roughly on the same page and dispense with semantics?’

Yeah I know – words matter – and all that, but I’m a bit over debates and fights about stuff that just isn’t that big a deal…

If we just get on with loving God and loving those around us then maybe we won’t have time to get upset about these things…

2 thoughts on “I Get It

  1. I clicked on your link to theamericanjesus.net and I believe it infected my system with the “system-check” malware. It was immediately after clicking that I started getting some really scary messages that my system was crashing, etc. I was able to restore from a recovery point and everything is now OK. I thought you should consider removing the link.

    BTW, theamericanjesus.net sight was probably hacked.

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