I jumped…

Ok – this will disappoint the mac fans, but I have chosen to stay with a windows based machine… I have however taken a risk and bought thru ebay. Let’s hope it comes good…

My windows experiences haven’t been too bad at all over the years so when all was weighed up I liked the specs, feel, look and price of the Sony Vaio better than the Macbook or the Samsung Q 35 that was next in line.

The main criteria were battery life, moderate screen size, weight, price and then specs.

A 13.3″ screen just seems a bit easier to work with than a twelve (Samsung), the Sony has bigger hard drive, more ram than the mac and is very nicely put together weighing only 1.8kg.

I won’t have that cute glossy white look, but hopefully I’ll have a beast that will get me thru the next 3 years with few hiccups.

Thanks for the comments and advice. I did actually listen to all of them and I think I’ve made a good decision and got the machine at a decent price.

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