I Love a Bargain

The radiator on my Landy has been gradually leaking more and more and yesterday was at the point of not being safe to drive in the hot weather. I was about to drop it in at my local radiator guy, but am very glad I didn’t…

Basically the radiator is shot, so they would have hit me for $520.00 for a new one, plus coolant, plus flushing, plus install… I’m thinking maybe $700.00 at least.

When I rang the first bloke this morning he told me it would take them half a day just to get it in and out. I explained that I could get it out in 15 minutes and wasn’t going to pay them for their labour on something so simple. “Well some of our guys are quick and some are slow” he says. What the?!!!… If a complete noddy can do it in 15 minutes then what kind of cretins work for him?!

I decided to take it out myself and see if it could be repaired. Nope. Cactus! Stuffed. Buggered. A new radiator is $520.00. Unbelieveable! The car is worth maybe $3K so I am not spending that amount. After trying to the local 4WD discounter who could do it for $400.00 I eventually tracked one down at a wrecker’s yard and haggled to get him down to $250.00.

Another 15 minutes work to put it back in and its all good. I am soooo glad I didn’t drop it in or they would have had me at their mercy and I would have paid the $700.00. Who wants to blow that kind of money on a radiator?!

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