I Remember…

This is a jar of memories – actual real memories!

It was my birthday gift from my daughter this year and I love it. She has simply sat down and hand-written about 100-150 fond memories of time we have spent together.

I keep the jar by my bed and I generally read one memory each day – then I put it back in the jar. Sometimes I read the same memory twice, but that doesn’t matter.

The simple act of pulling a random memory from the jar takes me back to some of our favourite times and things we did together… I inevitably end up smiling and feeling some of that experience over again.

She reminds me of the times I took her ice skating – just the two of us… of the times Danelle would go out and she would get me painting her nails… of teaching her creative writing and sport while we were homeschooling.

Some of them are seemingly insignificant memories, snippets of life, but truth is they weren’t ever insignificant.

They accumulated and they combined to tell a story and its a beautiful one.

So – hows that for the coolest gift ever?!

2 thoughts on “I Remember…

  1. What a brilliant gift! I might borrow and adapt this with a group of people I’m working with to help them write their memoirs and/or family histories. Thanks for sharing this, and thanks to your creative daughter.

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