I think I did it…

When I got back from holidays recently over half of my email was spam. Frustrating…

For the last two weeks I have been experimenting with different spam programs trying to find a suitable solution. None of them have grabbed me enough to spend my hard earned cash on.

Then I had an idea…

I have a g-mail account that forwards to my home email account and Google have done a good job filtering spam so far. I started thinking… Maybe if I filter my email thru gmail I will be able to use it as a free spam filter.

My first attempt was a bit of a botch!

I had my isp re-direct all my mail to my gmail account which then forwarded it to my home email… which then of course forwarded it to my gmail… which then… you get the idea?!

Ok – having mail travelling in circles was not the idea.

So I rang my ISP and asked for another email address.

Now mail sent to hamo@brightontown etc gets redirected to my gmail which then forwards it to my alternative email address and in the process elimimates the spam.

The great benefits of this mode of email are:

– a free spam filter (that works better than the ones I downloaded)

– I can delete all mail on my computer now because it is stored online at gmail with 3 gigs of storage

– quick search facility for ‘that email I just can’t find’

I may do a complete switch to gmail one day, but for now I am testing the system and seeing if it works. I have some gmail invites so if you want one then drop me a line.

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