I think my brain and my laptop are linked

You may have notice that I have had very little to say these past few weeks.

I seem to ‘think better’ on a laptop.

I also think better in my study than I do in the kid’s playroom. Well I have solved the location issue. Thanks to a monitor from Grendel and a desktop from another Brighton local I now have a computer in my study. But the laptop is yet to arrive…

Digging thru this guy’s feedback it would seem other have had issues with his delivery time, something I didn’t see first up. He is now offering ‘incentives’ not to leave negative feedback, but I’m not sure I should listen to him.

Should I give him a green ‘+’ if he gives me a free battery or extra ram?

Or should I warn others that he has absolutely no sense of organisation and that they should expect to wait a stupidly long time? I believe the laptop is actually coming.

What would you do?…

In the meantime I will tonk along on the aging PIII desktop – that is actually running very nicely!fried green tomatoes divx movie online

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