10 thoughts on “I’d Be Worried…

  1. interesting that ‘Jesus’ is so small. one question it begs the emerging church blogosphere to ask itself is, would ‘Jesus’ be any bigger if we did a wordle for ourselves?

    (ps i myself enjoy the emerging/missional church blogosphere a lot)

  2. Being one of “them” ain’t easy these days, even in the so-called Bible belt. All our little gathering can do is keep loving God and our neighbors and hope that people will ascribe different words to us.

    STINKY is pretty much what I said when I saw it.

  3. Re emergent & bap WA – I guess it all depends on who you ask, their experience of either style and the age of the respondant!

    What’s the wordle for non-service attenders from a church-attenders POV?

  4. thinking about this one again, if non christians did a wordle for emergents/missionals, the word ‘Jesus’ might not be any bigger BUT i expect there would be other words which they might not categorise as ‘Jesus’ but we would see them as such, like hospitality, community, acceptance, servanthood, attentiveness etc. etc.

    i would hope they would at least be positive, rather than all those ‘don’ts’ listed above 🙂

  5. Why? I don’t disagree, but I’m sure the Southern Baps also ‘hoped’ they ‘might not get such a negative one’.

    Mind you… would they consider ‘tradition, legalism, hellfire & fried chicken to be negative?

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