If Paul Was So Smart

The apostle Paul is usually regarded as one of the sharpest and most articulate theologians who have ever lived. There is no doubt that when it comes to intellect, Paul is up there with the giants.

Its interesting though that Paul’s conversion experience was not at all based on reason or logic or study.

It was a dramatic undeniable encounter with Jesus that actually reshaped his theology and upended his life. (Ironically Paul then went on to convince and persuade others of the truth of what he had experienced.)

All that to say the best arguments in the world are not likely to bring people to authentic faith unless there is a definite encounter with God. Plenty of people can argue for a logical faith, but I don’t think anyone wants a purely rational faith. It’d be somewhat dull, if not altogether colourless.

I am for using reason in conjunction with faith as appropriate, but I wouldn’t want anyone to be a follower of Jesus purely because the numbers added up!

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