Don’t you love how facebook sends all these requests which you can either ‘accept’ or ‘ignore’.

Perhaps its just me, but I hate ignoring people. And you do so much of it on Facebook!

I’d much prefer to ‘decline’ your invitation to join the ‘people who drink green tea left handed while riding bare-back’ group. That would feel much kinder.

In the meantime I shall have to ignore you…

FWIW, I haven’t really got into Facebook. I can see its merits, but its constant requests leave me weary!

6 thoughts on “Ignore?

  1. Every time I get an “application request” I use the option to block it. I neither ignore nor decline – it goes away and no one else has the opportunity to send me the same one.

  2. your just old aren’t you mate 🙂 I tend to ignore 99% of facebook things, and when I do something, I always skip the step that invites others to do it, because I know I am always ignoring the same crap, so don’t want to bother everyone else. I have noticed some things don’t let you proceed unless you tell 10 friends etc. so I chose to quit the application or whatever rather than spam everyone all the time. Sure is the biggest drawback with facebook, but I have found it a useful tool for reconnecting with old friends such as school mates.

  3. That’s the kind that bother me the ones that “don’t let you proceed unless you tell 10 friends etc.” I rather only invite if I think people might be interested which was no doubt the original intent but it’s way out of hand now.

    I was not going to use facebook at first because it was too “content neutral” but in the end I have found friends I lost contact with years ago so it does have a good side.

    In fact one of the friends I found again (after 5 years) had borrowed my copy of “Jesus the Fool” so I was able to get that back as well which was a bonus.

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