I’ll Give You The Tip

Two years ago my good mate Kent got me into footy tipping (picking who’d win each week – for the benefit of USA readers) and despite my complete lack of football knowledge I managed to do ok last year, even winning the SUWA office comp.

This year I have lobbing along in the top few tippers but haven’t been able to crack the number 1 spot. All was looking lost until last weekend when Broady (the hottest tipper) had a bad week and I had a beauty.

Suddenly we are level pegging with just one round to go… both with 111 correct tips.

So this is a big week.

A lot at stake…

Of course poor old Morgs is languishing near the middle of the pack and now owes me another bottle of red. Can’t wait for 2009… 🙂

Its funny how something as inane as footy tipping can bring out the competitive beast in me!

Broady if I were you I’d be feeling scared…

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7 thoughts on “I’ll Give You The Tip

  1. What bothers me about footy tipping is that those with the least footy knowledge win most of the time.

    Of course if Broady is even with you I’d put it down to him tipping against his own team.

  2. Mate i tipped for the whole year in round 3…. and i’m sitting on 109 correct tips, AFL is a no brainer this year. Go the Wallabies

  3. I was winning my tipping comp up until about round 6 when I started to pick some roughies to ‘shore up’ my spot…sigh….that did not work. Know the bloke who probably knows the least about footy, or at least, shows very little interest, is romping it in…..

  4. This weekend –

    pick Freo. Cos they’ll win when you don’t tip them.

    Pick Geelong. WCE suck.

    And that way, you’ve picked my 2 favourite teams – Freo, and whoever plays West Coast!!


  5. I have been sitting here trying to come up with a smart come-back…but I got nothing. Having won the tipping in 2006, it hurts a lot to go down twice to you Hamo. But in footy, there’s always next year…and the next…and the next…and the year after…I gotta win sometime don’t I?

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