I’m Baack!

Holidays are over…

They were great, and I am even ready to come back – but the next few weeks are looking hellish in the diary department. Makes me want to run away at the thought of it!

Some holiday highlights

* Hanging with Danelle, Ellie and Sam – really nice to spend the time and just have fun together away from the rest of life.

* Reading – I finished the Da Vinci Code and I’m not sure what all the fuss was about. It wasn’t a bad novel, but it was just a novel! I also read Good to Great by Jim Collins. What an excellent book for churches to read. I’ll have more to say on that one soon! As well as that I read two books on fishing – I need all the help I can get.

* Eating way too much good food and drinking lots of good wine. Funnily enough the lousiest wine of the entire time was the most expensive…

* Spending the last 3 nights in luxury after 10 days of very basic accomodation – very nice!

* Watching all 16 Kath and Kim episodes – what a hoot! But a bit scary when your three year old starts asking if she can watch Kath and Kim in her rest time rather than Bananas in Pajamas!

* Catching up with Graeme and Sharron Mason and fam – two good friends we love sharing life with. Its always nice to be with people you don’t need to impress in any way.

Unfortunately I didn’t get a surf the whole time I was there – not because of the shark concerns (I reckon if you don’t surf because there are sharks then you shouldn’t drive a car – much greater chance of getting killed!) but because I couldn’t get the board in the car…

Probably just as well as the swell was humungous for the first week or so and I could well have done myself some damage out there!

We got back Saturday arvo and this morning we headed up to our home church Lesmurdie where we got to share some of the Brighton story.

Today I am clearing the email backlog…

Tomorrow – first day back at work – Mark and I are going fishing… Nice work if you can get it hey!?

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