I’m not one to gloat… however…

Yesterday was the final day of tipping for 2008 and the picture below shows the top few places in our competition.

A bit sad for Broady who has led all year… but thems the breaks…

Morgs – I might have a year off in 2009 to give you a chance to win again! BTW, did I mention I like Cab-merlot?…free unstable fables 3 pigs a baby movie download

11 thoughts on “I’m not one to gloat… however…

  1. Mate, this is only 21 rounds I know I have 120. The site is down so we have no confirmation of the winner yet (I think).

    Hope you haven’t counted your chickens before they hatch!



  2. There are a bunch of Americans out there who thought that Hamo had put in like $121 in jars and hands of porters across the country…

    And that Roo beat Hamo, but lost his philanthropic competition to some other big-tipping nut!

    Americans must think we’re nuts!! Wait until we tell them we eat jelly with icecream, using a spoon!!

    No peanut butter in sight!!

  3. Tipping is basically guessing who will win each week. For some there is an element of skill, but it seems that your knowledge of football is inversely proportionate to how well you do in actual tipping 🙂

  4. I finished the year on 123 in my school comp and about 4th overall. This is the FIRST year that I haven’t scored a single ‘8’. Not happy.

    Ah well, I won round 22 so am quite happy about that! $20 for me:D. I was the ‘only’ tipster to tip Freo and that was the deciding game (we use WA home game as deciding game at school).

    Bring on ’09!

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