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I am writing a fair bit at the moment but there is a lot stirring in me right now.

Today was one of those very enjoyable days where we had a few families of neighbours round for brunch and hung out until early afternoon. Then we lazed. I took Sam to the rubbish tip to see if there were any ‘treasures’ lying around (he got a jet ski) and then tonight we watched Luther.

People of courage always inspire me and Luther was one of those kinds of blokes. But what left the biggest dent on me was the contrast between the fight he put up to allow people to read the Bible for themselves and be free from the enslavement of the church and the indifference with which the scriptures get treated in by so many Christians today.

If Luther hadn’t done his thing we could still be paying money to corrupt church officials to buy our way out of purgatory. As a result of Luther we were given the opportunity to read the Bible and think for ourselves, but reality is that little has changed in practice.

Most people still trust a holy man to tell them what ‘it really says’. Maybe the percentage of free thinkers has risen, but I get the sense that this would not be the world Luther would have dreamt of.

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