Forge ends on Tuesday and then Wednesday is a flat our day taking Alan around to meetings, before Thursday and Friday when I return to school.

Then on Friday afternoon we head off for the weekend. Me, Mike from our team as well as two of our neighbours are all heading down to Mandurah for a fishing weekend.

I get back to a full day on Monday with Forge coaching before leaving for Melbourne on Tuesday and Wednesday and then back for two more days of teaching.

Saturday and Sunday have ‘VEG’ written in my diary!

Its after this that the craziness ends. I used to live life at breakneck pace, but I have mananged to back off from that over the last 5 years. So when it happens to crank up again I really notice it. If I were single it wouldn’t be such a concern, but with a family you just can’t live at the pace I used to go at. I don’t think I was even supposed to do it then…

It’ll be good to catch up with Phil & Dan in Melbourne. Phil asked me to share our story with their Tuesday congregation while I’m’ there, so that’ll be fun.

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